Husqvarna K-760 With Oil Guard SEE BOTTOM FOR FREE SAW DEAL


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The new Husqvarna K 760 with Oil Guard is a version of the Husqvarna K 760. The K 760 OilGuard with Oil Guard oil uses an optical detection system to detect if there is oil in the fuel or if the oil type is wrong. The optical detection system detects if there is oil in the fuel or if the oiltype is wrong. ORDER A K=760 W/ Oil Guard Today and stop burning up saws. Oil Guard is a quality oil developed specifically for dusty environments like construction sites and is ideal for all air-cooled two-stroke engines. Order Part # 504-06-72-01 1 Gal.Mix Comes 6 in Package $ 10.40 Order Part # 504-06-73-01 2-1/2 Gal Mix Comes 6 in Package $ 13.85                                                                                                      

  (1) K-760 Husqvarna Saw WITH OIL GUARD "FREE" With Purchase of (10) GSG14-10SPL for Concrete/Block Or GSTB 14GPE for Brick or GAGC 14 for Asphalt/ Green Concrete.or you can Mix/Match any of three Different Blades to get (10) PRICE $ 155.00 ea. CALL FOR EXACT FREIGHT or ADD fo 80 lbs.

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